About us


Villa Nio was designed and decorated by us, sisters Anja and Wil Adolfs from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With Indonesian family roots and great love of interior design, our dream home in Bali came about quite naturally.

Anja produces jewellery in Bali, works as an interior consultant and used to run several much-loved interior stores in The Netherlands. Wil has a background in fashion consultancy and for 35 years fulfilled the role of Head of Fashion and Interior at the Willem De Kooning academy of arts.

Years ago, we designed and shopped most of the interiors of our Amsterdam houses in Bali, which sparked the dream of creating our own home on the island one day. We couldn’t find the perfect house, but what we did find was the perfect piece of land, tucked away in a small village, surrounded by some of the most beautiful views we had ever seen.

Villa Nio was born, and we soon decided that this gem would shine even brighter if we would share it with others. That’s why, while we are in The Netherlands, the house is lovingly maintained by a local staff of caretakers and up for rent so you can enjoy it too.

We look forward to welcoming you someday soon.

Warm regards,
Wil and Anja